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Synapse Technologies
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Manpower Consulting
From Headhunting services to Outsourcing your total Human Resource Process, our services will free you from many aspects of running your staffing operation that you may avoid to allow you to do those that you should be doing on your core business area.

With our Back Office Services, we efficiently and accurately handle all the back office functions that not only saves your time and worry, but money as well. We have an internal database of approximately 5000 prospective job seekers from IT, Finance, Administration and Sales and Marketing and the number is rapidly growing every day. Our HR services are primarily formed to act as a bridgehead for resourcing qualified manpower to the industry and to function as a conduit, a channel between professionals and you. We aim to provide placement consultancy and related services that enables our clients to build strong relationships with their prospective employees.

Software & Systems Services
We focus on delivering scalable customised solutions that meets your operational needs and helps in streamlining your business strategies. We offer custom software solutions within your budget that provides you with a solution that you need and not what is available. We adhere to stringent quality control measures that ensures delivering end products and just not WIPs on time.

We primarily work on Web based technologies, developing web sites and web based applications. Our range of software services vary from niche segments like manipulating unicode complaint data to financial solutions and web based archival management systems. Our expertise lies with open source programming & scripting languages like Java & PHP and RDBMS like MySQL.

Business Analysis
As a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider, we offer a range of expertise in KPO like Business Analysis Services. Our Business Analysis Services bridges the gap between you and the technology. From analyzing your future business model by defining the scope of your project, identifying the existing solutions, thereby pointing out the drawbacks of your existing competitors to suggesting a USP for your product, we start from the basics and end with providing reports like Case Documents, SRS and SRE.

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