The Chinese Indian Community

The history of the Chinese Indian community follows an interesting, but little-studied, trajectory that began in 1780 and continues in the present day. Settling down in Calcutta and other cities in British India, the community created their own unique identities and cultures. The main purpose of this Web site is to enable academics and non-academics to easily access primary and secondary material on the gradually disappearing community of Chinese Indians. It is an attempt to preserve their experiences, memories, pictures and other related do


Central Calcutta

The Central Calcutta Chinatown is based around Tiretta Bazaar, Lalbazaar and Bentinck Street areas and is well-known for its morning market selling Chinese breakfast.


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Tangra was developed by the Hakka Chinese in 1910, primarily to set up tanneries, and is now a popular destination for Chinese Indian cuisine.

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Life in India

The first Chinese settlers in India and their descendants pursued a wide range of economic activities, and forged a unique identity in a foreign land.

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New Identities

Large numbers of Chinese Indians have left Calcutta and India to make new homes in Canada (particularly Toronto), Sweden, Austria, Taiwan and also China.

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